Why Our Services

What makes OMC Productions your number one choice?


1- Multiple Camera Angles.

Unlike other videographer around the area, we offer multiple camera angles at not additional charge.  By using multiple cameras you are not just getting a different angle of your video production, you will experience movie-like cuts, less distraction when a guess walks in front of an important view, less camera unwanted camera movement.


2- Clear Sound

Part of an great video production is excellent sound quality, OMC takes sound recording extremely important.  Separated audio tracks are used through out to ensure clarity and enjoyment. As an example, the bride and groom voices are recorded on separated audio tracks so when it is time to exchange rings, or make the "life time promise" you will hear no other distractions. We also record the sound from the DJ mixer to ensure CD quality audio in your final production.   Ambient sound gets proper mixing in the final edit.  When it time to plussing, you will here that as well.





3- Multiple Stage Verification.

When you receive your final production, you can be sure it will play correctly.   We  spend hours verifying your final package.  From the pass 10+ years, hundreds of package deliveries, we have not revived a single DVD because it did not played correctly.


4- Custom Video Design

DVD labels and other album design is based on your personal theme, so it is  "custom designed" to your style.


5- We attend to the last rehearsal-.

We prefer to attend to you last rehearsal or practice, be at the church or the hall,  This allows us to advice our customers in some cases to properly do the entrances and other help full tips what will make the difference on the event day.  It helps us be prepared for special per-programed surprises.


6-Customer Service.

We are 100% there for your!  We are proud to be reliable, efficient, top notch quality and friendly! .  That's a lot to say for a company, but this is what we hear this from our customers.   From the first day we give your our free demo, to the rehearsal day practice day to the delivery of your package.  No middle man! ensuring and smooth service and experiences.




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