Recommendations for your events


Throughout the years of providing services to clients when have learned quite of big things that could has helped in improving the overall efficiency of the event.


Here is a list of these items


  1. Create a schedule or program
    1. A list of milestones in a timely manner.
    2. Stick to the programmed time,  what good is it if the program is not flowed, we have seen events where just for the main entrance, there is a 25-45 minute delay.  This impacts the event big time restraining the time for family portraits and other special must have photos and poses.
    3. Have a person keep track of the time, could be a family member or a professional.
    4. Inform your videographer or photographer about unexpected surprises before it happens.  For example, a family member showing as a surprise, a music group appearing etc.   This will allow the videographer/photographer to get ready and record the moment.
    5. Have the photographer and videographer have dinner when the bride/groom or main table have their dinner, this will ensure they will be up and ready when the main table finish and continue providing the service.


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